One-Shot Logo detection

by Heldenkombinat Technologies

Find logos in images and videos in no time. No more waiting while training algorithms, no more dependence on ML-specialists to maintain and re-train the system. Our one-shot detection technology works with as little as one example and learns instantly. Want to measure the exposure of your brand in an advertisement? Want to learn how often and how prominently your logo appears in a clip? No problem, we got you covered.

Our Products

Image scanning

Search for logos or other types of visual markers inside documents or images in large databeses. ...

Video scanning

You can also search for logos or other types of visual markers inside videos. The system is capab...

Brand impact metrics

Create reports to understand the impact of your brand in a live event. Such reports can be easily...

Our Features

Blazing fast logo

Blazing fast

Our one-shot detection technology can spot logos in real-time footage.
Adaptive logo


You have a new logo? Our algorithms are flexible enough to detect it right away
Accurate logo


Our detection algorithms can find your logos in videos and images reliably.